Training-driven music

MusicFit provides an innovative sports experience based on training-driven music.

Our realtime technology can be embedded in external hardware systems.

Our music flow is adaptive, unique, customisable and copyright-free.

Our AI engine receives sportive or biometric parameters of the athlete (such as pace, heartbeat, revolution cycle) and translates them into an adaptive music flow.

This real-time soundtrack supports synchronisation of movements, boosting performances and the quality of workout.

A clear market call

The fitness sector increasingly needs custom musical contents to be included in training programs (both live in sports centres as well as remote / home applications).

At present, the selected music is static, doesn’t adapt to movements and workout often adapts to music rather than the other way around, leading to a time-consuming search for the best suiting workout music.

The management of copyright and music licenses for this type of activity is tremendously delicate and, if not properly managed, is susceptible to substantial financial penalties.


Musico’s world.

Musico is an AI-driven software engine that generates music. It can react to gesture, movement, code or other sound.

Musico’s generative approach empowers creators working with music with new ways of producing and applying sound that can adapt to its context, in realtime. From semi-assisted to fully automatic composition, our engines offer solutions for music pros as well as non-musicians.

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